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Melinda Griffiths Lawyers in Wollongong specialises in public liability claims relating to accidents on public or private property, such as ‘slip and fall’ cases.

Civil Liability Act

Accidents which occur on public or private property are governed by the Civil Liability Act (NSW) 2002.

This act governs your entitlements to claim compensation. In order to claim compensation you will need to establish that the injury arose as a result of the negligence and breach of duty of the owner or occupier of the area where the accident occurred.

About public liability claims

Generally public liability claims involve slips, trips or falls occurring on public or private property. For example, if you have slipped on water which had been left on the ground after a spill, or trip on a hidden hazard or have something fall on you as it had not been restrained properly or in accordance with the required

You may also be entitled to claim compensation if you have been injured whilst playing sport, attending school, dog attacks and injuries at rental properties.

Such claims can often cause injury loss and damage, in some cases a loved one may have been catastrophically injured or have passed away due to the negligence of another.

Seek legal advice as soon as possible

If you suffer such an injury it is essential to seek legal advice as soon as you can, in order that evidence can be retained and investigations commenced to protect your rights.


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