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‘No Win No Fee’ lawyers serving Wollongong and the Illawarra

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At Melinda Griffiths Lawyers, we are what is called a ‘No Win No Fee’ lawyer, representing clients in and around Wollongong and the Illawarra.

What does ‘No Win No Fee’ mean?

We believe that everyone has the right to the best legal representation regardless of their financial circumstances.

‘No Win No Fee’ means you can obtain the highest quality legal representation without paying fees up front. If you agree to retain us on a No Win No Fee contract we will not charge for the professional work we have undertaken until it has resolved in your favour. Our fee is payable after that.


What to expect from us

You can expect that your legal needs are met in an atmosphere that is approachable, friendly, compassionate and professional. I satisfy my clients through sound customer service and obtain results in a timely manner.

Personal injury law is an area where successes and achievements occur on a frequent basis. To complete a client’s claim and see them smile and thank me for my work is a great achievement.

I believe that it is essential to develop a relationship of trust and protection, you will know that your rights are being protected and that your claim is being processed efficiently and effectively.

I pride myself in empowering my clients to have their voice heard.

The law is often a confusing and complicated process. Traditionally the law has been dominated by lawyers who were able to effectively represent their clients through an understanding of the law, however did not effectively communicate with their clients, often leaving them feeling disconnected.

As a new generation lawyer, I strive to not only provide you with legal advice through a comprehensive understanding of the law, but also to ensure that each of my clients feel a personal connection to their legal team. I always make myself available for discussions with my clients, either via telephone or face to face.

If you are unable to attend our offices I will travel to you to ensure that we are able to communicate and connect.

I personally believe that empathy is the key to effective representation, I consider that my compassion and personal approach to legal representation is what separates me from other lawyers.

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Get in touch for a confidential consultation about your legal situation. We will be able to explain the stages of the personal injury compensation process and develop an affordable plan to get the outcome you want.

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