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If you’ve suffered a personal injury or accident, Melinda Griffiths lawyers Wollongong team are the experts you need on your side.

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Wollongong’s Specialist Personal Injury Lawyers

Our team of personal injury lawyers are committed to serving the Wollongong community, providing expert legal advice to those in need. If you have suffered an accident or injury, it can be distressing and traumatic to think about, let alone manage the compensation process.

Our team are highly empathetic and understand how emotional the journey can be. You don’t have to do it alone – we will support you every step of the way. We specialise in all aspects of personal injury law, ensuring you have the advice and representation required to submit a successful claim.

Our Personal Injury Compensation Services:

Motor Accident Injuries

Have you been involved in an accident while driving or as a pedestrian? Our highly experienced car accident lawyers can assist you in pursuing your claim, and we know how to get the best possible outcomes.

We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that motor accidents can take, and we are here to help you every step of the way. The Motor Accidents Act of 2017 has set time limits for wage claims, which must be made within 28 days. Please get in touch with our compensation lawyers to organise a free consultation as soon as possible if you are considering seeking compensation for an accident.

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Workers Compensation Claims

In the event of a workplace injury (physical or psychological), illness, or employer negligence, it’s essential to seek legal guidance. Our workers’ compensation lawyers understand the intricacies of the Workers Compensation Act and can assist you in maximising compensation for work-related injuries.

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Medical Negligence

Our medical negligence lawyers are dedicated to helping you seek justice after medical negligence, including birth trauma and other highly sensitive or complex matters. We take the time to understand your situation thoroughly while providing support.

We have experience with various medical negligence claims, including claims against hospitals, dentists, doctors and other healthcare professionals.

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Public Liability

If you’ve sustained an injury in a public place, shop, or rental property, our public liability lawyers can help you explore the possibility of making a public liability compensation claim. We are here to assess your situation and guide you through the legal process to seek the compensation you deserve.

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Superannuation / TPD (Total Permanent Disability)

If an injury or illness prevents you from working, our TPD lawyers can assist you in making a successful TPD claim. A disability can profoundly impact the quality of your life, and you may be eligible to make a superannuation or life insurance claim. We understand the financial pressure such circumstances can create, and we’re here to help you secure your financial future.

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Wollongong Personal Injury Lawyers – We Put Your Needs First


We know how hard it can be to tell your story when making a compensation claim, and we will always put your wellbeing first. We deeply understand the complexities of personal injury law and personal injury litigation and will act as your trusted partners in navigating the legal landscape.

Your story deserves to be heard, and we will pursue justice on your behalf. You won’t have any fees unless you have a successful claim. It’s easy to book a chat with us and talk to us about your options obligation-free.


We’re Here To Help

Melinda Griffiths Lawyers are leading Woollongong no win, no fee* personal injury lawyers dedicated to helping you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for your first consultation, and let us guide you toward justice and the support you need. Your wellbeing and your financial recovery are our top priorities.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the stages of an injury claim?

The stages of an injury claim typically include consultation, investigation, negotiation, and, if necessary, litigation. Our team of specialist personal injury lawyers in Wollongong will guide you through each step.

What is a common law injury claim?

Common law injury claims involve pursuing compensation for injuries caused by negligence, often through a civil lawsuit. Our personal injury lawyers can help you understand the intricacies of common law claims.

What is the time limit for personal injury?

In New South Wales (NSW), the time limit for most personal injury claims is three years from the date of the injury. However, specific circumstances may affect this timeframe.

Can you sue someone for emotional trauma?

Yes, you can sue for emotional trauma under certain circumstances. Our highly experienced personal injury law team can assess your case and provide guidance.

How is pain and suffering calculated?

The calculation of pain and suffering damages is complex and varies by case. Our specialist compensation lawyers have the knowledge and expertise to effectively evaluate and pursue such claims.

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