Jeff Keevers

Jeff Keevers


Chief Financial Officer

With over 30 years of experience in Managing Operations, Finance, and People in the Illawarra Region, Jeff has a high focus on continuous improvement and strategic direction.

He is highly dedicated to shaping the future growth of Melinda Griffiths Lawyers with his primary objective being to diversify the business and position it for long-term success. Recognising the importance of professional development, Jeff actively identifies and implements training and development plans for the entire team. By nurturing their skills and expertise, he aims to enhance the capabilities of each team member, fostering growth and becoming an Employer of Choice through these initiatives.

In addition to his strategic responsibilities, Jeff fulfils a vital role in supporting the dynamic team at Melinda Griffiths Lawyers. By offering guidance, expertise, and resources, Jeff adds value to both the practices of the team and the satisfaction of their clients. Through effective collaboration and mentorship, Jeff aims to empower the team to deliver exceptional legal services and exceed client expectations.

What Our Clients Say


Melinda and staff, thank you for your efforts in bringing my case to a happy ending!


Melinda and her team were excellent, very supportive and professional.


Very, very caring people who are so good at what they do recommend them highly.


They are so friendly and always are very helpful.


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