Remy Rovere

Remy Rovere



Remy completed his law degree in 2022 with a position on the Dean’s Merit List and Best Graduate overall and was admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of New South Wales in October 2023. Remy also completed two prior degrees, a Graduate Diploma of Psychology and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Medicinal Chemistry.

Remy joined Melinda Griffiths Lawyers as a junior lawyer in January 2024 and is passionate about compensation law and helping people. Remy enjoys living and working out of the Wollongong area and assisting the community through his work as a legal practitioner.

Remy enjoys balancing his perosnal and professional life by keeping physically active with hobbies including rock climbing, football, running and cycling. Remy also enjoys reading, learning languages, learning about history and expanding his knowledge across new and developing areas of the law.

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Melinda and staff, thank you for your efforts in bringing my case to a happy ending!


Melinda and her team were excellent, very supportive and professional.


Very, very caring people who are so good at what they do recommend them highly.


They are so friendly and always are very helpful.


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